Are men very concerned about women's appearance?

Are men very concerned about women's appearance?

Are men easy to attract beautiful women?

how does a plain girl should do to attract her love?and keep her love?


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  • 1. To an extent

    2. Yes, just like women are attracted to good looking guys

    3. That's hard I don't know the guy, but the safe bet is just to be yourself, if he doesn't like you at your worst than he's not the right guy for you, love isn't just a word, true love see the flaws and accepts them because they're not important, if he does love you he'll love everything about you, the good the bad

    • Does a plain girl can get the true love?

      All boys love beautiful not the plain

    • One your probably not plain and 2 beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I'm sure there is a guy that thinks your the most amazing, pretiest person that god ever made, don't worry over it, I believe everybody has a chance at love, even plain people

    • Thank you for saying these word to me

      I feel better.

      Maybe I am not so no-good.

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  • 1. Yes, and any man who says he cares nothing about looks is lying (This goes for women as well) That is not to say they will only look at women who are the most attractive women on the planet, but it will always play a role in our choice, but it is not the deciding factor.

    2. Not really sure what you are ask here, you either mean "Is it easy for men to be attracted to beautiful women?" then yes it is easy to be attracted to attractive people. Or you are asking "Is it easy for men to attract beautiful women?" and if that is what you are asking then...Uhm...not really?

    3. Same as anyone else, you just keep looking and the right guy should come along.

    • So,i must face and accept the fact first.

      Don not envy and worry.

      It is a fact.

      Readily accept.

  • A girl's looks are a lot like money. We want it, we envy people who have it, but it doesn't make us happy. Stay sweet and you'll be fine.

    Does that simile/metaphor make sense? I just made it up and I'm trying it out.

  • duh

    • What do you mean?

    • Yes of course men are concerned about a womans appearance. it is, to an extent, the most important part of the woman and is how society judges her worth. tough life for these not genetically gifted, easy street for those who are.

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