I'm breaking up with my boyfriend?

i wanna do it,but I don't wanna hurt him. he's extremely sensitive any help?

i broke up with him!:) thx 4 the advice guys and girl


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  • How sensitive can he be? If he's like pussi sensitive then I think you should leave him.

    Just be like it's not you... it's me. I hope we can still be friends!

    You're a cutie btw.



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  • He's a guy, how sensitive could he possibly be? If you give it to him straight, and say what you are thinking, I'm sure it'll work out fine.

    • Hes a guy how sensitive can he BE.. give me a break. there is and standard guy sensitivity or women sensitivity , its how the person feels about the relationship.

      But I agree ALWAYS BREAK IT TO WHOVER STRAIGHT. people need a chance to act based on reality. respect goes farther then handling someone.. what happens when things happen in life that no human can handle , like a natural disaster or death or w/e. its good to be able to handle adversity personally , so give it straight :-)

  • Break his heart and sooner or later someone will break yours! Think about things be mature and just talk to him nicely!

    Hope this helped ;-)

    • Good point,but the thing is that he cheated on me,lies to me,and emotionally and physically abuses me

    • It is a shame what guys will do to the things they have. It is called taking things for granted and that is what he did--a little too much. I am sorry for this. You deserve better

    • If he does all these things tell him to **** off, I suggest you leave him my dear and forget about the past and move on, if he doesn't then think twice

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