Could you help me with my makeup?

I'm going to be a junior this year and I was wondering what I should do with my makeup.

In both pictures I'm not wearing any makeup at all. Any ideas or tips would help a lot.




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  • Part 2:

    As far as good eyeshadows go the more expensive brands like MAC and Urban Decay and NARS are going to be the best quality shadows however you can achieve the same look with using cheaper products. I personally love Maybelline eyeshadow quads. They are like all I ever use and they're only $5 each. With a good primer all you NEED are the cheap shadows because the primer will make them look vibrant.



    ^They sell ELF at target and they actually have pretty good quality shadows for dirt cheap and they have good eyeshadow brushes for $1 each. They have good face brushes too, but you have to get the ones that are $3 for face because their $1 face brushes just are not that great.

    For a beginner as far as eyeliner goes I would probably start off with a pencil, not a gel liner because it can be a bit harder to get it right. MAC has good eyeliner pencils. They are probably my favorite. If you want long-lasting MAC's engraved liner is good, but if you don't care about long-lasting Smolder is a good one too. Those are black pencils which look good on basically everyone. You also probably want to get a brown liner and maybe one colored one as well for fun. Gel liners are actually my favorite, but it will take some practice for you to get the line right. Again, search youtube for help. Wet N' Wild has a good gel liner for only like $4.

    Mascara- black looks good on everyone. Jet black lashes like always look good. Dark brown is going to look more natural if you like natural better, but for me personally I always use super dark black.

    My favorite drugstore products would have to be:

    LOreal Voluminous (I use carbon black because I like super black lashes)

    Rimmel Sexy Curves

    Rimmel Glam Eyes (just all Rimmel mascaras are pretty good)

    My favorite high-end mascara: (I wouldn't waste a lot on mascara though, it doesn't last long anyways)

    Makeup Forever Smokey Lash

    Dior Diorshow

    Then for blush you probably want to go with a peachy color because you're skin has pinky undertones so if you went with a pink blush it would just make you look sunburned and a bit too red. NARS blushes are AWESOME if you have the money to spend. They are like $26 but you need to use so little of it that one container will last you a super long time. Otherwise drugstore works fine as well. I haven't tried them, but the new ELF blushes look really good and they are only $3 each.

    Hope this helps :) Ask if you have questions


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  • Apply foundation that matches your skin exactly. For school I would recommend a long-wearing product because the school day is long and you don't want your makeup to melt off. Revlon Colorstay is a good affordable one. They have different formulas (one for normal to dry skin and one for combination to oily skin). I find that the most natural way to apply it is by dotting it on your face with your finger and then using a damp makeup sponge to spread it out. Then you want to use a really good concealer for under-eye circles and acne coverup. The one that I use is amazing although it IS extremely pricey. The tube will last you a long long time though.


    Then you want to set your makeup with powder ESPECIALLY your concealer. Just dust it all over your face with a fluffy brush and pat it under your eyes with either a makeup sponge or a small brush. This is the key to keeping makeup in place.

    Then you are going to want to a get an eyeshadow primer. It's pretty much a necessity for any girl wearing makeup. It makes the eyeshadow look more vibrant and it will keep your eyeshadow in place and prevent creasing ALL day. The one I use is like $18, but it will last me like a whole year. I know Loreal has one as well although I have heard that it's not nearly as good as the one that I have been using. For school you don't really NEED to use eyeshadow on a daily basis unless you want to however I would still recommend getting some shadow and a primer just because for nice occasions and those days you want to look extra pretty you want to have some eyeshadow.


    Then for eyeshadow you can play around with light shimmery colors or you can stick with neutral shadows. The way I learned honestly is by watching youtube videos. I could explain step by step how to apply eyeshadow, but the easiest thing is for you to watch some makeup videos on youtube. There are a lot of really good makeup gurus on youtube.

  • i use a light foundation, at least 2 colors of shadow, one to contour and the other as a base to even out foundation.

    i might use blush but I usually don't. eye liner is a good thing to have. white eye liner is useful if you look sleepy. mascara and an eye lash curler, and a few eye shadows. I have a lot of make up and I'm surprised I accumulated so much over the years but anyways, lip gloss is good too.

    go light and go natural. that's what I usually try to do. looking natural like you're not wearing make up at all is the best thing to do.

  • Part II

    Eyes (cn'td):

    Anyway, as I was saying, with the darker brown you can line the lashline on your upper lashes. To do this, close the eye either fully or partially and lightly make the skin taut (careful not to cause premature wrinkles; to avoid them, use a q-tip and press it above your eyeball to make the skin taut enough to work with) and then use the pencil (I prefer pencil for the daytime look, you may use liquid or cream liners as well if you wish) and get as close as you can to your upper lashes and line, using short little strokes, across the upper line. If it looks too harsh you can use a tiny makeup brush to apply a similar colored eyeshadow to fill it in and set it, just be careful.To make your eyes look brighter, use the peach pencil to line your waterline. I don't often like to line the lower lashes, but if you feel like you have to, use the lighter brownish/tannish pencil and line only from the out corner to the middle of the eye and then smudge it in well. If you line the entire eye or use too dark a color, it'll look very cartoonish and make your eyes actually look smaller. Oh, and while it's in my mind, invest in a set of brushes to use for your makeup! They are so much gentler to your eyes and work so much better on your entire face. I bought a cheap set at a drugstore that has a variety of types of brushes for less than $10, and it really goes a long way. As you get more advanced you can splurge on better brushes. Okay, back to eyes - the last thing to cover, I think, is lashes. Pick out any mascara of your choice (I use LashBlast, the one in the orange bottle). Since your skin is pretty light I suggest using either brown, dark brown, or black mascara - but not "very black", because it'll be too harsh. I have light skin myself and have found dark brown to look as dark as black but somehow not as harsh on my skintone like black or very black does (save black for parties or events or evenings).


    Cheeks can be a touchy thing. If you are the type of person who has a natural glow, don't apply blush. But otherwise, blush can brighten your entire face and make you look healthier, livelier, and like you just glow. Blush isn't just something for princesses or gradmas, and to make it look like you aren't wearing any you just have to use it lightly and in the right shades. Go to the store and pick one that isn't too pink, sort of maybe a peachy-pink color. I use the Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush. Then, when applying it, smile to find the apples of your cheeks, much in the shape of this diagram: link Use it lightly and blend it in well - you shouldn't be able to tell you're wearing any, so don't add more if you think it's not enough.


    Ah, I think this is the last thing to describe! Anyways, for school there are numerous ways to do your lips, it just all depends on your style. (to be continued in the comments of this)

    • Okay, Lips, cnt'd:

      As I was about to say, if you don't want anything fancy then just get either a clear lipgloss or one that doesn't color your lips much (good smelling ones are great!) and use that, reapplying it throughout the day. If you want a bit more of a "look" you can use lip stain and brush a natural looking color onto your lips, and apply clear gloss over that. Lip stain may sound scary but it lasts long and looks natural.

      That's about it! I wish you the best of luck!

  • First of all, you are a very pretty girl! Secondly, I'm going to tell you a secret my mother told me long ago - the trick to putting on successful daily makeup is to make it look like you aren't wearing any at all. To do this, go light on the concealer or foundation if you absolutely must at a start.


    As I said before, try to go light on this. I know we all get blemishes or want to diminish the dark circles under our eyes, and that's fine, just don't cover your whole face in a liquid concealer. After covering up with the concealer, use a powder to set it and brush it over your entire face and part of your neck, to blend it in. Also, be careful in choosing shades of your concealer & foundation - you don't want it lighter than your natural skin tone (you'll look like a clown) or darker (it will be blatantly obvious that you are wearing makeup & that you must not know how to apply it). When you look for the right shade, test it on the back of your hand (or the palm, whichever is closer to the tone of your face) and see how it works. Sometimes this stuff dries lighter or darker, too.


    Keep them trimmed up nicely and make sure to pluck any stray hairs. Just go with the flow of your natural shape, and keep it tidy. Also, you may want to artifically "fill in" your brows before going out to school. To do this, get a q-tip or stiff makeup brush and find a shade of eyeshadow that matches your eyebrows, if not slightly darker (though not too much). Then brush it right over them and be sure to stay in the shape of the brows. This makes them look much fuller, complete, and more aesthetically pleasing.


    I am going to refer to places of the eye mentioned in this diagram: link

    Okay, so you'll want to use natural shades of eyeshadow (if any at all) because I find this to be the most youthful, natural, fresh look you could have for school or the daytime. I mean, I love bright colors and dark smokey eyes, too, but everyday school is just not the place for them. Anyway, for eyeshadows I recommend using a very light color on the browbone. This will brighten up your eye area. Then, use a sandy color (darker then the browbone color but still not dark) for the lid inner half, and use that browbone light color on the inner corner. Then, the next thing you'll want to do is add depth, so pick a darker brownish/tanish color (again, not super dark yet) and go over the lid outer half and crease. Blend everything in well - this is the trick to beautiful makeup jobs. Then you just layer on the darkest shade you will use (don't make it too harsh) on the lid outer half and crease, and blend it in well again. You may even want to use eyeliner. For you, I'd recommend not going with the dark black liner and instead get a few different shades of brown; a dark one and a lighter one, and possibly a peach liner. With the darker brown you can line the lashline on your upper lashes. (To B Continued, out of space)