So I have a dilemma! Any makeup pros help out please?

Okay so I don't wear yellow that much, but I am to this end of summer party and I'm not sure what I can do with my makeup, my skin tone is like beyonce and Rhianna maybe a tad bit lighter. and my hair is black and my eyes are dark brown I'm 17 years old and the yellow I'm trying to wear is like a bright sunny yellow. and I HAVE NO IDEA what to do with makeup. So please suggest me what color eyeshadow I wear on my eyes. Thank you!


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  • Try a gold smoked eye. Put a highly pigmented gold color on the lid, blend it out in the crease with a light brown. Add some black mascara, brown eye liner on your water line and on your top lid very close to your lash line.

    Try a coral or nude lipstick or lip stain.

    Let your foundation be very natural though, light or no blush, just pinch your cheeks for a bit of color.

    I love doing make up as you can tell lol :).

    • Awh sounds good! k this is helpful! thank you so much.

      and do you have like a youtube channel or anything? that way I could subscribe and watch if you make any videos?

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    • Again thanks so much for all the advice!

    • Anytime :)

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  • You could try like a goldish color eyeshadow would be pretty. Or maybe a cream/off white color. I don't know what you look like so it's kinda hard to say but you could also try a really light purple, like a lilac color. Wear mascara and go easy on the eyeliner with maybe some lip gloss or something. Good luck:)

  • hey...

    I'm thinking maybe a mix between tan colour/purple eye shadow OR a tan/gold shadow

    Mix the colours together and it should have a good contrast, because the dress is so bright, you need a bit of dark...

    I would suggest black shoes too :)

  • if I were you I'd probably go with a goldish eyeshadow on your eyelid to your crease, some sort of pink eyeshadow from your crease to right below your brow, and a black eyeliner to outline your top and bottom eyelids... hope this helps:)