Is it healthy to try to look back at what you did wrong?

I thought I had this girl, but our communication just kept cutting in half. She didn't feel the same about me. Maybe it's the fact that she's going to a different school next year, but it really hurt that this happened.

Can someone lose interest just because you talk a lot? Maybe she just never liked me more than a friend to begin with?

Is it healthy to ask these questions, or should you just say to yourself, "it just wasn't meant to be"?


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  • Self doubt and reflection is a HEALTHY part to ending a relationship.

    "It takes two to tango" - truly a quote that applies to love. Nobody is perfect. For this reason people do things that are "wrong"... especially to our loved ones.

    "The fault" behind a break up can rarely be attributed to one party. EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES!

    Take the good with the bad (even the stuff you did that was bad) and move forward with it into your NEXT relationship.

    Make sure you don't do the same with any other woman and you'll be a better man, person, and lover because of it.

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