Have you ever had someone say your eyes smile?

Today my friend told me my eyes smile when I'm happy they look like melted chocolate when I want to cry. I always thought my eyes were just a dull brown and I didn't think they showed any of my emotions. Sp I think it's really weird for someone to say that. Especially about dull brown eyes. Has anyone ever said that to you?


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  • Have you ever heard the sentence "The eyes are the windows for the soul"?

    I believe that everybody's eyes can tell their emotional state, but only some people are able to recognize what an "eye is saying".

    • Well I like how I can see peoples emotions in their eyes especially if I'm dating them. But my eyes are so dull and I try to hide my emotions

    • It doesn't really matter how your eyes are... someone that really knows you, will ever know by your eyes what you're feeling. Maybe not exactly what you're feeling, but they can at least notice the difference.

    • Yea I see your point. Thanks

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