I need some help on how to style my hair to complement the dress?

Okay,so prom is coming up and I need help! my dress is a midnight blue and has a strapless bodice and it flares out slightly at the waist. my hair is a dirty-blond color and its long &curly and I need some help on how to style it to complement the dress, and also what should my makeup look like? (my eyes are a very light blue and I'm pretty pale and I'm a size 0-1 please give me your advice, I'm the only female in my house)


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  • Hello, you should post a picture to show us your dress (just a suggestion)

    Anywho, I think that if you already have long and curly hair, just get someone to re-curl your hair so it looks nice and smooth and then pin it all to the side like a curly side pony. Your make-up should be very simple if it is for grad/prom. You don't want to put too much on and over-power your look.

    Use a vanilla color as your base and hilite. You can add some ivory into it to make a light pinkish purple tone. Then use eyeliner. If you have light blue eyes and you're pale, go for the dark eyeliner. So black liner and throw some fake lashes on to your eyes to make it look fuller and darker. Then finish it with mascara and blush. Keep it light.

    Hope this helped


    • Yes that helped alot! I will post a pic up shortlylol