Do thick dark lashes and pink plump lips on girls makes you wanna kiss them?

like do you find it attractive when she has flawless skin or at least not perfect but clear skin. Wears black eyeliner and has thick dark lashes pretty much a smokey eye but not overdoing it but it looks seductive I heard someone refer to it as 'slutty eyes"?

like this ------- > link

or like this


soft pink lips like this ---- > link

If a girl you found attractive had nicely dark rimmed eyes and plump not big but soft pink lips do you like it?

Would it make you wanna kiss her? If a girl turns you on by touching you or whatever it would make you wanna kiss her, but if she had dark eyes and pink lips and she was just sitting there would it make you have this urge to kiss her (she's attractive overall too)


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  • The minute details are irrelevant, what comes first is how pretty she is overall (for me anyway). If she's not naturally pretty then what colour any of her makeup is or anything else like that doesn't even matter.

    Assuming she's pretty, guys aren't thinking about kissing girls. If they see a pretty/attractive girl their mind almost always jumps much further along than kissing. That's just how it is.


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