What is it girls really look for in a boyfriend?

I find girls say they want a certain type of guy, but actually end up with a guy completely the opposite... What is it girls really want and need from a boyfriend and relationship?


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  • I'm not going to go into proper detail. But here's what I look for..

    - Being attracted to them. I may not find them the most gorgeous guy on the planet at first but once I've fallen for him he'll become the most perfect looking guy I've ever seen.

    - I need him to be able to make me laugh and of course, me make him laugh.

    - Some sense of chemistry between us, you know that 'buzz' when you're talking.

    - A sense of understanding. I don't mean he has to agree with everything I say, just a little acknowledgement that when I'm down, he understands.

    - A guy who's not really had a lot of past. by this I mean not used lots of girls or had loads of short meaningless relationships.

    - For him to not just want to touch my boobs or vagina. For him to actually want to cuddle me and spend time with me.. Not just got SEX SEX SEX on the mind.

    - A guy who calls me beautiful in the morning. :)

    - A guy who isn't lazy and doesn't work for things himself.

    - A caring guy.. one who isn't too soppy all the time but can be.

    - To feel protected, like he'll guard me even just walking down the street. No necessarily obvious guarding, it's more a subliminal guarding.

    - Loyalty.

    - Trust.

    and you know what... the rest that comes with him is just a bonus.


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  • Well, since I can't speak for all girls I'll tell you what I looked for.

    Someone I found attractive. There was an initial attraction. Once I get to know him, I find he is sweet, shares common interests, enjoys learning about me, makes me laugh, cares about things that I care about, cares about me, and wants a relationship.

    But the most important thing that I need is for him to be single lol.

  • they need security..they need to feel wanted just like you do ..they wanna feel special and never change a thing be I love from the first time you met each other and never stop that ..sometimes girls go for the better looking guys be4 the reall caring ones that's why they go for an opposite attraction and get hurt in the end jus show her your always there for her that you actually listen to what she has to say and take her out every once in awhile and make HER LAUGH A LOT then you should b good:))

  • We want someone who cares for us. We want someone funny and who isn't just looking to sleep with us. We want someone who can be fun or serious. We just want to feel loved and important


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