Why do some girls refuse to make eye contact with me in public?

Does it mean I'm good-looking? Ugly? I've had groups of girls just ignore me as we walk past each other.

I look at them and I think they see me doing it because I can tell their facial expression changes to something a little uncomfortable.
And please be HONEST. Don't go telling me that girls are more subtle about looking at guys because we all know that is a load of crap!


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  • I ignore all guys in public because I am shy, so even if I was physically attracted to someone I would not make eye contact with them


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  • Girls don't typically like to be stared at. I thought that was obvious?

    • Then why do they try to look pretty?

What Guys Said 1

  • The girls who put on make up and dress nice all love to be stared at. Otherwise, they would be similar to most guys and just put on an average shirt with pants. If girls don't look at you, it just means you are an average guy that they are not physically attracted to or impressive.

    • I do get eye contact sometime, but it's just that some ignore me all together.