This girl thinks I'm really cute and wants to get to know me. I don't get this girl...?

I was told by a good friend this girl thinks I'm really cute and wants to get to know me.. we hung out at a friends and it went good and I got her #. I was also told she was really nervous and hopes I text her...i asked twice already ..the first time she fell asleep early..the second time..she didn't hit me up till the next morning and asked if I was busy and she could come over during the day..but I had work till 6 but she said hit me up after I get off. I did she said she couldn't..i asked if there was a better time...then she said tonight (the same night) lol..and asked what I wanted to do..i said maybe watch a movie or something I just wanna get to know you more and all I got in response was.. I see. lol what's this girls deal?


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  • alright look this girl might have some memory issues but listen to this she likes you I think but she is a little confused she dosn't understand your signals. make it clear that you like her start doing more things with her.

    • Well I don't wanna just come out and say "i like you" lol you think it would already be obvious since I've been txtin her and told her I had a great time the first time we hung out...but we hardly even know each other that's y I said I wanna get to know her a little more..and how am I supposed to start doing more things with her when she won't even hang out with me? lol

    • OK now I get it is really simple you need to find time to like go to her house and talk to her or even talk to her friends more about what she likes they will tell you and then you invite her to do those things for the forgetting/ not wanting part you have to remind her like say you said lets go bowling k about a day before go to her and say hey don't forget about 2morrow and then when she says yes or OK or wht evr just say OK just whtevr you think is fine without going to far you c wht I am sayin??

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  • Maybe she's trying to play hard to get, or she is genuinely shy or nervous. Continue being yourself and see what happens.

    • Ok well what is somethin I could text to her make it not seem awkward because that how it feels to me right now lol