Guys what would you call a beautiful looking girl?

says it all !

thanks xD


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  • not a clear way of describing it verbally, if you posted links to say 5 pictures of different girls we could then comment on their pros and cons.

    generally though;

    nice 'golden' skin,

    rosy cheeks,

    full figure -NOT stick thin, but not fat-,

    healthy hair -not greasy, volume, 'bounce' in it etc-,

    good facial structure -high cheekbones, etc-,

    takes care of herself -good hygene, smells nice, uses some makeup-,

    i could go into more detail but it would take forever, as the saying goes, a picture can be a thousand words.

    • O oh please go into more detail because this is a really good answer :) oh and what do you mean by "rosy cheeks " ?? thank you :)

      oh and what colour hair would you prefer ??

      and what do you mean by golden skin ?

      sorry about all the questions xD :))

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    • Thanks soom much :)) that's great help oh and when you say "slight red cheeks " would it be like when you blush when you see someone you like :P I mean your cheeks go bright red :P thanks x

    • Ehh, I'd say as long as the cheeks have the slightest hint of colour they're fine, making them blush worthy is possibly slightly too much. And no problem, glad to help.

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  • I wouldn't call her anything. Rule #6 states that you should NEVER comment on a pretty girl's looks...she has to earn her compliments.

    • I'd like to hear the rest of those rules...

    • I'm sure you would, but it's one of the only things us guys have left in the world. So due to the unfortunate circumstance that you weren't born male, it's under lock and key :D

  • Oioi sexy.


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