What if he's just a good looking guy?

We (men) judge women to an extent, but for the most part even if you're not the hottest girl in the world, we are happy to talk to you and have your attention. Can the same be said for women even if the guy isn't a straight up 9 or 10?


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  • Yes,the same can be said about women.

    I've actually been told I have bad taste by other people,but I can appreciate many different types of males.

    My observation,the uglier,fatter and slobier the guy,the higher and more unrealistic expectations he has.

    Even though I like guys more than girls,I disagree and have to say guys aren't as non judgmental as you make them out to be


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  • most of the guys I've liked wouldn't be considered 9 or 10s. yeah I notice the gorgeous guys but that doesn't mean that if an averagely cute guy approached me I wouldn't be interested. with guys, if he is cute but not a showstopper, he can increase his appeal based on how he acts and if the *spark* is there

  • Yea it can happen, cause you might not think you're a 9 or 10, but a girl might see you that way

    and then there are people that look at personality more than looks, I guess it all depends on who the person is!


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