Guys: is this too mean?

My boyfriend of 6 months and I recently broke up. It was pretty mutual but I honestly still care for him. Just this morning he asked out a trashy little girl from my grade. I'm not very trashy. I sometimes act like it but my style is more feminine sexy while hers is whoreish. I want to get back at him.. should I sleep with his friend who has a girlfriend but thinks I'm hot? Is that too mean to him and the guys girlfriend? Or should I make things awkward for my ex and his new girl? Meaning I always show up when their together or talk to him before she gets to school? I think it'd p*ss her off because I really want him back:( thanks.


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  • If he broke up with you to be with her, you could try and get him back, but he is an ex for a reason if he wants to have some fun with her nothing you can do about it

  • Why do you want him back? Who cares, find someone else. You sound like you're still a kid and odds are he's a retard anyways.

    • Being 16 does techincally make me a kid, but the point is I need to get back at him. There's more to the story but I can't post sexually explicit content due to my age... Whatever.

    • There's no future in "getting back" at people - it doesn't matter if you're 16 or 30 or 50. It's childish. Just move on. The best way to "get back at him" is to forget his dumb ass and find someone else.

    • I really can't. I see him and his girlfriend all over each other in 2 of by classes. Their always together in the halls. It's impossible

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