Any chance for the cute chubby nice guy?

So I am just wondering... Is there any hope for me? I have a good looking face, but a chubby body. Like a belly, but I can see my d*** when I look down and I am not a fat slob. Other problem is- I am a nice guy. Not one of these jerks all you girls want to change, but won't ever change and will always treat you badly. Are there any girls out there who don't mind guys with a little meat on their bones who actually want to treat them well?


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  • u sounds OK to me :) I would nvr reject a nice looking guy (even though he's a bit chubby) as long as he's very nice to me. so I would say, no worries, as long as you are going for the right girl, you will find someone who will love you unconditionally :)

    • Thank you, much appreciated.

    • I believe that there's someone created for each one of us, if you keep finding the wrong one, don't give up keep searching, one day you will meet her :)... think of it this way, all this wrong girls that came into your life, they are actually giving you more and more experience about relationships so you can take it as a lesson... trust me, you will meet the right one, one day, it's just a matter of time :)

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  • Hmm, so you're concerned that as a slightly overweight nice guy, you won't be able to find a long term relationship?

    It seems like you're the type of guy that girls who want a LTR would go for...

    You mentioned that in your area, girls seem to like jerks. Well one thing that might help is that those kinds of girls sometimes just want a guy who can come across as a jerk when he needs to. What I mean is, as long as you are willing to adopt a few of the trappings of a "jerk", you should have no trouble keeping a girl's interest.

    First, we need to know what types of jerky things girls in your area are attracted to. Do they like the way they dress? Do they like a guy who's a bit more independent and not clingy? Do they like the guy to keep tabs on them and give them input so they feel more secure? Do you feel that these guys are drinking crazy weight gainers and have giant biceps and tortured abs and that makes you less competitive?

    I think once we figure out the specifics, you can work with them, but just saying girls want "jerks" is too general to help you hone your perspective.

    But overall, I firmly believe the right girl for you will like you for you, so you're better off not being concerned about what girls seem to want, but rather what you want in a girl.

    • I value independence in a relationship. I do my thing, they do there's and at the end of the night we are each others. I can be a d*** when I need to be, I stand my ground on things and for what I believe in. I wear what I want and don't conform to trends and what not. I do believe in chivalry too.

  • omg I'm so sick of guys like you blaming us girls for all your problems. Just because you can't get the girl you want, you automatically assume we want the bad guy, making it our fault because it's easier than blaming yourself. I don't even know where you get the bad guy thing from, that's a stereotype applying to maybe 1% of girls. 99% of girls go for the nice guy but you don't hear about those stories because they're boring. People would rather hear stories about abuse, hence the stories get around. You need to take responsibility for you. You're chubby? Then start running, go to the gym

    • Bad time of the month for you I guess.. But no, I wasn't blaming you girls for all my problems. If you'd like to know, I was nearly killed in a car accident and my internal everythings are screwed up. I am on medication that prevents me from having seizures and a side effect is weight gain. I do to to the gym and work out, I do run. I don't know where you live, but all the girls here want the bad guy. I am quite responsible thanks. I'd cross you off anyways, I don't like bitches. Thanks though.

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    • Also, you said that you have no problems attracting girls, just keeping them which means personality issues

    • Not personality issues, at all. I just always get the wrong types of girls.

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  • Being nice is great, you should treat girls with respect it's what real men do. But, don't be too nice, that's a bit of a turn off despite what the general consensus amongst women is.

    If you ever get a girlfriend who is completely submissive or too nice to speak out against stuff then you will understand, it gets painful to deal with. So don't try be too nice, just be respectful but stand up for yourself. Most girls like a guy who can be fair yet speak his mind.

    Anywho about the baby fat, I doubt it will put em all off. Depends on your woman skillz. I've known some incredibly average guys who can butter up a girl like a fresh piece of toast.

    Hitting the gym and doing a few work outs will greatly aid your cause though. Why not sign up at a gym and get yourself into shape? It will be boring and tiresome for the first few weeks but after getting into it for a month or so you will feel really great and confident. Good first impressions when a girl looks at you makes life 10 times easier. Just think about what you like to see in a girl, nice body, great ass, nice smile etc. Girls generally like the same things in men so smile, don't be a donkey and be open and easy to talk to.

    Hope this helps =)

    • My ex was fine as hell, I am not worried about attracting girls because that isn't the issue- It's keeping them.

    • Ahh then that has to do with how much of a challenge you are. Like I say be respectful but don't be too nice. The key is give and take, if you aren't happy about something let it be known but don't nag or moan about everything. Being too nice or submissive gets very boring. Bottom line is just be you, speak your mind and it should work out. Take her out and suprise her, it will keep the relationship fresh. A weekend away to the coast is awesome. I'd still suggest you hit the gym though, it helps

  • How chubby. You're probably fine as long as you have the confidence to talk to girls. What's your height and weight?

    • 6' 205.

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    • I mean besides really picky girls. 205 at 6' isn't even that chubby.

    • Exactly, and I'm proportionate too

  • if you want to know how your going with women just ask yourself, what kind of emotions am I creating in my interactions with them? what emotions are you creating?

    • That's true. I have great interpersonal skills, I can flirt my face off. It's not a problem really breaking the ice with girls I'm worried about. It's getting into a relationship and being able to keep her around.