Turn on or turn off?

Say your a guy and a lot of guys are mad at you because of your girl friend out of jealously. Not random guys, her ex's. 3 of my ex's HATE the guy I'm with now cause he "took me from them" Its really awkward two are his friends and one has never even met him, but went looking for him one day! would this make you mad or happy cause a lot of guys like her?


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  • Look I'm currently interested in a girl who's an actress and a model for Calvin Klein, FHM, you name it.

    Wherever she goes she ends up with at least 10 guys humping her leg. If by some miracle I actually got with her it'd be a huge turn off. Luckily she is all that and a bag of chips enough to get so much attention so at the same time I'll feel like the luckiest dude in the world. It's a catch 22 situation.

    For me personally. I'm willing to be hated by many males if it means I get with the girl I want. However it's up to you to tell your ex's to bugger off. You shouldn't just relish the attention.

  • I probably would not like this. I would go, "Wow, she keeps moving on to the next guy?" and I would go, "Hmm, well I don't want to be dumped." and probably wouldn' go out with her.

    • Ive been with the "new" guy for 6 months

    • Great. I'm just telling you how I would feel.

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