Have you ever changed your body type preference based on your exes?

Basically, I used to be attracted almost exclusively to the petite women in my life. I coined a term BMS, or Big Man Syndrome, where you always see a large man and a small woman. After my last ex, I found that the petite women do not attract me in the same manner that they used to. Have any other men found that, where your exes have changed your body-type/personality preferences? Also, have any girls experienced the same type of deal, although with male body types or personalities?


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  • When my boyfriend (well not really) broke up with me I felt so rejected I had never been rejected and he started going out with another girl that probably weight less than me so I started exercising and dieting but not get him back too feel better about myself although I weighted 110. A couple of months later I realized that it wasn't worth it and that losing weight wasn't going to take anywhere

    I also learned that although it might hurt rejection comes along with dating. Since that day I don't plan or think about changing my self for anyone .


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  • I used to think girls with big boobs were super attractive. And then I realized that aafter dating a girl with big boobs, she liked to show them off. Wear super low cut shirts, always had cleavage showing, the whole 9 yards. I had a little problem with that until the major problem was thatshe just didn't have common courtesy and wwould show cleavaage around my family gatherings like for Christmas and other events like that. That's a little wierd. Now I'm into the pette girls