Does anyone else find that a woman is the most beautiful when she is scared?

When I was with my ex and we were watching some thriller movie, I saw her scared face for the first time and I was shocked. For some reason the fear on her face amplified her beauty tenfold. I guess it's not really the typical beauty most people imagine but it was beautiful in it's own way. I have to say if that wasn't the cutest thing I've ever seen, it's in the top 3 at the least.

But at the same time though, when you see those scared chicks faces in the movie it's not nearly the same. Maybe my ex was just unique in that way? If I had to choose between spending a night with her again or seeing that scared face again, I'd definitely choose her scared face.

So has anyone else ever found a scared woman's face unbelievably beautiful?


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  • Yes, it's adorable. Guys just because he enjoys when a woman shows her vulnerability doesn't mean he's a rapist. Grow a f***ing pair will you people? Stop being so god damned paranoid.

    it arouses our protective instinct.


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  • Hahaha Judging ONLY by the title of your question, you might be a serial killer in the making!

    But seriously...I find that anyone who's scared a bit (by a movie or a practical joke) is hilariously cute!


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  • sarcasm

    Oh yeah, that's why I go around making them scared. You know, with a gun and stuff.


    No, not me. And to be honest, I find your question really creepy (taken to extreme above). Perhaps it's not the actual look of being scared, but perhaps the 'hero to save the helpless princess' type thing. That is, you had to go rescue her when she was scared, and that turned you on.

    I hope. I really really hope.

    If it is 'look of terror' that gets you off, then I hope you fulfil that in save ways. Time to invest in a safeword.

  • Nope not me...