I'm scared he won't remember me? What should I do? (;

K so, me and this guy were flirting at the fair, like we didn't talk but yeah flirt. and he goes to my school apparently (I'm a freshmen I think he's a sophomore I think?) but anyways he's in my lunch and outside when I wait to b picked up. I look different than I did then, like I got my hair colored back to normal (I had highlights) and I got my hair cut to my collar bone (4inches off) I'm scared he won't remember me? so I do anything? or was it just a one day thing?


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  • Tbh, if he doesn't remember you just say you got something done to your hair, you could even use it as a conversation starter i.e "do you like it?" The worst he can say is " I don't know hwo you are, I've never met you before, stay away from me stalker!" and run away. But really... how likely is that? lol. Go for it, have a chat with him and good luck.


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