What happens to the good looking guys?

I've noticed that when we settle down I find that the more attractive girls don't end up with the good looking guys they once dated I notice they end with the not so attractive ( not ugly) just not omg hot! so what happens to the good looking guys ? were do they go and who with? I'm not saying every single one don't get married to a beautiful girl just to verify that


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  • its like this. now its only a theory so if I offend anyone. too bad. lol just kidding.

    i think, since a guy thinks he is good looking or whatever, he don't have to do anything cause he is good looking. so some have no personalites

    now a guy who is not so good looking, he works on his personality, his humor. he is more aware of her needs and tries really hard to satisfy them

    i say it like this too cause I feel the same for girls, I seen some pretty girls that are shallow and have no personality cause they think since they are pretty they can getaway with it.

    confidence don't mean anything without back up. without it then turns into conciededness and arrogance.

    • All of the goodlooking guys I know have great personalitys and are really sweet I just wondered why they don't end up with anyone

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    • Lol we are on two different pages... so to speak.. I'm thinking your talking about goodlooking guys with no personalities.. the ones you are refering to .. maybe they are very very picky. I know I'm picky. but I still got lots of dating left in my life... who knows...

      also beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. and ogres are like onions... lol

    • You hit it right on the head my friend! Could never think of a better answer. 99% of the time the super good looking ones (girls or guys) are so into themselves and believe because of that everyone should bow down to them.

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  • its obvious. the go find all the "not so attractive" females. But in all seriousness, those probably are the OMG hot guys. people get older. or the girl was with the OMG hot guy up until they were about 30. then the shit hit the fan and they broke up. He continued to date younger girls in their early to mid 20's and she ended up getting desperate. It's only one perspective, but it could happen.

    tick tock tick tock that's the sound, the biological clock.

  • They get bald, fat, and ugly.

    Notice I said "they". I'm of course the exception to the rule! ;-P

    Seriously, looks fade. Personality gets better with time.

  • I want to say that those attractive looking guys probably spend more time in the mirror than their attractive girlfriends and they get fed up with them and dump them. That's my theory. There are those rare occasions where it does work out.

    • I don't agree to be quiet honest because the more good looking guys I know are a lot nicer,polite and genuine than the not so good looking ones I know but I do know some jerks who are good looking

    • Like I said it's a theory. I'm a guy. I don't go looking for attractive guys and find out if they are jerks or not jerks...ha ha

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  • I used to like only hot men; but then it was a real hassle because like someone mentioned, they spent more time looking at themselves than I do; this happens even when he's driving, he would look at the rearview mirror etc. the good looking men are just not so masculine. also hotter men sometime are not as smart. as I'm getting older, the hot males are not usually the ones who can share a stimulating conversation. ugly and insecure guys on the other hand are bitter. so maybe it's not with looks but confidence and brains.

  • I think in a lot of cases, they get not so hot. In time they loose their hotness. And a lot of those guys are the same guys those hot girls end up with.

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