For guys: Stomach turn-off?

Hey, so here's the thing, my boyfriend and I have been together for 8 months, he hasn't seen my stomach yet, like it looks normal with clothes on but bare it looks fat and chubby and I really hate it. I'm not a chubby girl at all and have really thin legs but my stomach just never seems to be the right look or size. He loves me a lot and he asks to see my stomach a lot but I'm very self cautious about it. I'm afraid he will freak out or stop loving me when he sees it. Is it that big of a deal? is it a major turn off?:S


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  • you know the term love is blind, well you need to show your self a little more respect in loving your body and accept that fact that if a who loves you would leave you over this little issues you have then he is wasting your time. beside if it really bother you just work out until its gone or its to your liking.

    A stomach is not really a turn off for me but every guy is different but you should be way past this shallow point in your relationship anyway.

    • Its a birth defect, like since I was a child my stomach is abnormally chubby in comparison to the rest of my body. I work out 5 times a week and am a vegan and still my stomach doesn't change in appearance. I'm concidering surgery..

    • Well surgery could be your best bet for your self, never do anything for a guy who has not said I do.

      and vegan has nothing to do with losing wait or staying thin, its a life style. weight has to do with control.

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  • A lot of guys prefer a little bit of flab to a flat stomach. I know I do.

    Besides, most guys don't care that much about looks. It's personality that hooks guys and since you say he already loves you, he's already hooked to your personality.

  • No... and I'm sure you're thinking it's worse than it actually is. Honestly don't worry about it :)

    If he loves you and likes you with clothes on I'm sure he'll still love you (probably even more so) with your clothes off :p

    Stop worrying!

  • 8 Months and he hasn't SEEN your stomach!?! How's your sex life?

    • It's non of your f***ing business.. Wheres your answer?

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    • Stop f***ing swearing.There's no f***ing need for it.

    • Look whos talking!

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