Random girl I just met?

there's this girl I met last night and we were hanging out at a football game with a bunch of other people. everyone was joking around and jumping on each other and picking each other up then she runs up and jumps into the arms of my friend (he is gay by the way) and then I said wow the gay guy gets more action then me, that just dropped my self esteem... in a joking way. so she turns and asks "so you want me to jump into your arms too?" and I just open my arms and pick her up then she leans back and said "there so you can look down my shirt" we do not know each other at all and she only knew I was friends with my friend who I mentioned earlier. does the fact that she did the same thing to me as my gay friend mean anything? and should I try to hook up and get to know her better? I do find her attractive but I'm not sure if I should go for it

well, I found out she is my friends bff and she is looking I'm going to talk with her and get to know her and hopefully hang out with her some more. guess we'll see where this goes haha.
well she likes me so far and we have a ton of chemestery going. thanks for reassuring me to go for it everyone


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  • Yes, absolutely. I say go for it. Sure you don't know the girl but that should make it easier. it means you have a whole lit less to lose. She's cute right? She's friendly and flirty? You could do worse. So she did it to her gay friend too, just the same as you. If she knew he was gay then she knows it doesn't matter for him. If she did it for you it might mean she's either comfortable with a guy like you, maybe even thinks you're cute. Though to be honest it's impossible to tell. It could mean nothing at all. Trust me on that.

    Anyway the quickest way to find out is by asking her out or getting to know her better, or whatever you want to try with her. Just be yourself, and go get the girl. If you want to make sure you don't make a total ass out of yourself, just ask your friend or maybe a couple other people if she has a boyfriend first, and then make your moves. Either way you already know my stance.

    Go get her.


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  • Kid.! I'm pretty sure this girl, you have a chance with her. Just next time you see her Just play around Get touchy I mean don like sexually herass her, and eye contact. I love when guys are like really sarcastic But yet you know there joking and Be really funny I love guys like that.,

    • The group over there is really sexual so shouldn't be a problem. thanks!

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  • Only way to get some is to try , maybge it will happen maybe it wont, if you try you won't have to wonder

    • Guess your right. I wo't know till I try

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