Why won't he maintain eye contact?

When we are around other people, he will look at me and then look away or he will simply look at someone else more (usually a male friend of his), but when we are alone he maintains eye contact substantially more and sometimes we will just hold it for a few seconds without saying anything. He is always very nice to me and talkative, but a lot of times he will essentially be talking to me but looking at someone or something else, only looking at me occasionally. A lot of people have told me that I’m pretty, so I don’t think he avoids maintaining eye contact because he thinks I’m ugly, lol. He and I have a lot in common both in personality and interests, and it seems he has become nicer to me since I’ve been around him more. He is pretty outgoing so I know he isn’t just too shy to look at me, and he only seems to treat me this way. I really like him, and while I haven’t made it too obvious, I think he might know. Is he just uncomfortable around me for some reason or does he possibly like me too?


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  • you should see how he is with other people. maybe he was just never able to figure out what to do with his eyes when he's talking to somebody. maybe he isn't comfortable because he's in an awkward situation. I personally prefer talking to my female friends that I'm interested in when I'm not around my male friends. but if you think somethings really bothering him, maybe you could ask one of your friends to ask one of his friends to ask him about it. if you ask him directly, he could easily get offended or become too concerned about his eyes, which would only make things worse


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