How do you deal wit hackers?

i am being hacked rite now on myspace. how do I get rid of them. I done changed my password so they can't get back in.

they posted a bulletin saying my email address and my password. I have no idea how they got it


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  • Have you ever heard of Spybot? - it will scan your computer to see if it has spyware or a keylogger

    I think you might have accidentally downloaded 1 - maybe by clicking on one of those links you see in peoples comments

    Keyloggers log everything that you type into your computer - takes screenshots of the sites you visit and sends it back via email

    the idea is to get passwords for things like a paypal ebay or your bank account - its easy to see why they would target teenagers on things like myspace -

    You might not have an internet bank account or paypal - but I'm sure someone else who uses the same computer might

    • Im the only person that uses this computer. and how would they know that there was a campground beside my house. it wasnt a keylogger. it had to be some1 I know. maybe my cousin or 1 of her friends. that seems like something they would do

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  • are you using a hifi network? IE wireless ? if not then try a safer word with both unper and lower case letters and numbers while no body is around.


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  • That's all I hear you have to do change your password and don't type your password on any other site or click on any advertisement things.

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