She's a very good looking girl and I'm just your average Joe.

OK I really like my best friends sister and I think she likes me, its pretty obvious that she does, but then other times it seems to be the complete opposite you know. Its so frustrating because we have been friends for a while when my best friend told me that he thinks his sister liked me almost a year and a half ago I was super happy we have been on four little dates I guess you call them even though we don't call them that and we never talk about where were at for me because I'm to shy and scared and she is really the first girl I have gone away with she seems very shy too, the other problem too is that she's a very very good looking girl and I'm just your average Joe so a lot of other guys like her but not for the same reason as I do, should I confront her about it and ask her how she feels towards me? does that scare girls? thanks


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  • Well, insecurity is unattractive to girls, and if you have to ask her if she likes you, that often screams insecurity. Especially when you say "confront"--no, girls don't like confrontation. Girls are strongly attracted to confidence in a guy. That matters much more than what he looks like.

    Assume that she likes you and take things from there.

    I don't know what you mean by "little dates," but go out with her more. Try to break out of your shell (I know it's hard) and flirt with her more. You can do this by playfully teasing her and bantering with her, much like you would do with a guy friend, but in a more "intimate" kind of way. Break the touch barrier and try to hold her hands and kiss her at some point. The idea is to be relaxed, yet confident and fun around her. Don't try to be too "romantic," just be totally relaxed and confident around her, and she'll let her guard down around you as well.

    One more thing: she's not too good for you. You're equals. Stop seeing her as a "too beautiful" girl and see her more as a human being that you're very curious about. Best of luck.


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  • Try not to worry if she likes you or what you two are. Instead focus on spending more time with her, getting to know her better and basically just being in her life more.

    It sounds like she could like you and you like her back so all you need to do is stop worrying and let things happen naturally. You don't need to label it. At some point, everything will work out if you just let it.

  • It has been psychological proven that really attractive girls are more likely to go out with "average joe's" than similarly attractive guys. Especially if said "average joe" has money, power/status, confidence and/or a sense of humour.

    Trust me on this, I'm a psychology student. :)


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