Is it normal for emo/scene/skater boys to like regular nothing girls?

You know the type that's quiet in class and usually not noticed unless someone needed help. But when she's with her friends she's friendly and normal, well that me. When I go out with my friends I always catch an emo/scene/skater boy looking at me. Is it the way I look or dress? Why am I getting noticed all the sudden? I'm usually dressed in skinny jeans, a tee, a hoodie, and sneakers. I'm often by myself and don't talk loudly or a lot. Most people consider me, I guess, an emo/scene/skater by how I dress and act. (I've been told)


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  • Emo/Scene/Skater etc are all just labels. They're guys, guys are attracted to all kinds of different girls. A girl doesn't have to dress like me to pique my interest. If you perceive yourself as "regular nothing", don't be surprised if a guy sees you as "cute and normal".


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