Looking to update my style to something more appealing?

I'm in my early twenty's and was looking to update my style to something more appealing to women, but also something I'll like as well. I know everyone's likes and dislikes are different, but the more people I hear from the more of an idea I'll get. Please give details such as brand names and types of cloths.


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  • i love hoodies.

    usually like american eagle clothes for guys (but that's not the only brand I like)

    i like hats as long as you don't wear them everyday

    i like high tops and sporty sneaks

    i like baggy jeans as long as they're not excessively baggy, but if you can pull off the tight pants go for it

    t-shirts are always fine

    banana republic clothes are good too

  • i love a guy just in a pair of jeans and t-shirt.. bonus points if its a shirt from your college... and flip flops :)

    or jeans and a button-down shirt :D

    i hate the stupid hipster style that guys dress kinda girly... I want my man to look like a MAN!


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