Looking for practical advice on talking to girls I don't know.

Right. Randomly walking up to a group of girls (they're never on their own) you've never met and saying "Hi, I'm , nice to meet you" is bound to get me some funny looks or worse. So I'm looking for a few tips on talking to girls I've never met before, OUTSIDE of a nightclub situation (I HATE nightclubs).

Extra info:

I'm not a bad looking lad, but I'm no stunner, I'm friendly and can hold a conversation. The only real problem is getting a girl to talk to me and having a conversation.

Last weekend, I worked behind the bar at the Creamfields festival, with 20 people I didn't know. I made a few friends and generally chatted to most of them while it was quiet -No problems there, but I was working with them, its polite to talk back to your workmates.

I chatted a little bit to customers, both male and female when they stood at the bar and got some nice tips too =]

The problem lies when I don't have a "captive" audience sorta-thing. How do you make that jump to start the ball rolling with a girl/group of girls you don't know?


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  • there's a thing called game, learn it. research the mystery method and PUA training

    • Well you're helpful. You must be bored, desparate and alone, otherwise why would you waste your time posting pointless comments? Next time, don't bother.

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    • If you are looking to genuinely learn to talk to girls, PUA techniques are horrible. They teach guys how to be manipulative, albeit in a playful or interesting way. They are geared more for the club scene, not everyday life. They claim to be beneficial to guys in all situations, yet they obviously have the intent of getting you laid. So if you want to be a guy, learn social skills. If you want sex, learn to be a PUA.

    • Not true at all part of game is learning social skills, if there is some game you are not comfortable using then don't use it

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  • Ask for directions :P...just pick the one you like the look of and ask if she wouldn't mind pointing you in the right direction

    • Wouldn't she think its odd when I don't leave? lol, I get what you mean. Thanks

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  • all a girl has to do is leave the house and she can get any guy she wants

  • I'd like to hear an answer to this as well. I've been told all sorts of things but none of them work.

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