If a guy keeps looking at you does that mean he likes you?

i like a guy who has a girlfriend, but since the start of this year which was before he had a girlfriend he looks at me all the time but when I catch him looking at me he doesn't look away or smile, he just keeps looking at me and he doesn't looks away. he's really popular and he never looks at other girls like that.

does he like me?

ive never really spoken to him and some of my friends say that he's an asshole, but when I spoke to him a couple of times, he was really nice and polite to me and he held the door open and everything.


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  • You can be an ass without it being immediately obvious. I'd trust your friends over your first impression of a guy who's probably pretty good at playing nice. The fact that he's staring at you means he likes you. Liked you. Past tense, since he has a girlfriend now. Does it matter whether or not he likes you now? I'm think you should hold off asking that question until he's single.


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