Due to all the "Am I ugly questions"...

So I've read many, "Am I ugly questions?", from both men and women and it reminded me of this study. link

To sum it up, due to evolution women are getting more and more attractive which leads to more competition as far as dating and therefore looks aren't the only thing women must bring to the table. On the other hand, men are still as attractive, on the whole, as their cavemen ancestors.

So what is your reaction/take on this study? Does it, in your mind, put attractiveness as a must lower on the ladder?


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  • It is true that more attractive women are more likely to mate with men. But there are also some men who consider different traits unattractive and attractive, therefore even those may have offsprings whom generally would be considered unattractive by most people.

    But that applies to men as well... If they are really unattractive, no girl would accept them.

    Anyways, I think this might be slightly true, but it won't eradicate every "ugly" person. There are various people who are still found attractive by SOME men, and they still reproduce. The erasure would never be complete. And I think this process has been an on-going one, and look, we still have unattractive people.

  • simply put. girls need to have a personality to go along with their looks. I was talking to a girl the other day. I found her attractive.--until she opened her mouth. she's a spoiled rottn brat who has every one do stuff for her cause she's too "weak and dumb". so I said to myself. well this isn't logical why is a girl this pretty so dumb and weak. I immediately said. you're "ugly" to her...i think she knows why. LOL

    • You know, that is what "taking personality into account in terms of attraction" means. This is pretty much the same thing as what girls do.

    • Some girls are shallow. those are the ones you avoid

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