Should I contact him?

I met this guy at a bar, he contacted me a few days later, but I wasn't so smooth and we didn't text much. A few days later I invited him to join me at a party, missed his texts which came kind of late, but the next day, we agreed on meeting. Our meeting went fine, although I think I came off as a party girl because of how much I spoke about partying, which I really am not, but I was so intimidated by how handsome and smart he was (not that I'm bad looking or stupid), I wanted to seem like I was confident.

Anyway, we parted with a hug saying till next time, but it's almost been two weeks and he hasn't contacted me. I texted him right after our meeting saying I'd had a good time, so I've already made a move, so isn't it his turn? I really wish I didn't want to see him again, because I don't like being "that desperate" girl, but I don't know, I actually like this guy. Should I contact him? Or is this a sign he's just not interested?

anybody else help? guys?


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  • so it started off shaky but I think you can bring it back up how about bringing up a date or like a little get to gether how about a movie or popcorn say yu wil pay for the shoes if he pays for the bowling game likewise for the movies say yull pay for the tickets if he pays for the food ..goodlcuk and take a chnace most likey he is just shy or proabbly lieks you and forgot to bring up a time 4 yu 2 to meet...

  • He's not interested...but contact him if it makes you feel any better