If you didn't like her or weren't attracted to her?

that you would time and time again make long eye contact, stutter, be shy around, never start the conversation first but be extra sweet and nice when taking to her, glance over at her when you think she'll looking at something else, etc...

if you didn't like her or weren't attracted to her?


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  • No. I wouldn't glance over, and I wouldn't stutter for certain. The others might happen, because I'm generally nice when I am not having a bad day.

    • I'm am just checking... but your answer makes no sense to me.

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    • Yeah I am curious myself....have the same thing going on. Long eye contact from a distance and in passing, seems to be aware of your presence when you are in the general area, turns and looks your way (which you see in your peripheral vision without having to look directly at the person, etc). Is this what you are referring to? I'd like to know the answer as well. :)

    • Yes!!!

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  • This guy is attracted to you unless he's playing a cruel game; however, I really doubt it.

  • Can you be more specific? What exactly do you mean by "time and time again"? Is this something that has happened a few times, or are we talking about a daily basis? Be honest, because it makes a big difference.

    Also, it sounds like you spend a lot of time staring at him, too, if you always notice when he's looking at you.

    As for him being "extra sweet and nice"... that may be your perception, since it sounds like you really like him.

    • Mant times over the last two years. Lost count. I don't see him every day. Once or twice a week. It seemed like he stopped doing it for a while. But the last time I saw him he did it 5 or so times in one day. I see a difference in the way he speaks to me in a group or just one on one. I do stare back. He's hot! I just think sometimes that. He couldn't like me... I always am the first to look away.

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