Why do girls want to become models?

i mean girls hate it enough being perved on as it is, being a model only gonna make it even more.

i understand some of it is to do with fashion and like to be noticed in the world but still.

also why is it I see girls in short shorts, short skirts, , noticeable cleavage (not too pushed up but still)) and I'm not talking just in models but in everyday life.

if you girls are trying to attract a decent guy this isn't the way to go about it.

fyi really tone down the makeup, makeup does get you noticed but not in an attractive quality, if you feel you have to wear it then wear it so it look natural with you stick, we don't want to see the makeup like eye shadow and lipstick or eyeliner or mascara.

sorry got a bit carried away there but you get the idea


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  • I don't wanna become a model.

    Everywhere I go, there's always that one person who asks if I am one

    [ I'm really tall... ]

    and of course I tell them no.

    I don't like all the attention,

    especially when it's from guys eye-googling at me.

    I also don't wear revealing clothing.

    I know there are girls who share my opinion,

    so don't generalize all of us into the same attention-seeking category.


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  • another thing I'd like to mention is that society has taught us that much of our value comes as being visual stimulants for men. if we don't look like that, chances are we'll be less likely to be accepted/noticed. sad thing, but that's the way it is. the first thing you "see" is what a person looks like, which contributes a lot to making an impression on someone.

    and I don't think that you should generalize that all decent guys are only attracted to girls who don't do such things. there's numerous examples to prove you wrong.

    as for being a model, again it's about these girls being taught that their appearance is the root of their worth. if that's what they will be valued as, then of course they will want to be a model.

  • Females have always been shown as objects of lust, held to a very high standard. Since the dawn of time women have been trying to make themselves more attractive, either with exaggerated hips and waist. We have grown up with this pressure on us to look perfect, you say that you don't want us to wear makeup but it's not for men that we wear it, it's for ourselves making us more comfortable in our skin and in a way conforming to societies standards of beauty.

  • 1. there are different kinds of modeling. some are more sexy, and the girls who want to do that have lower self esteem. but there is more artistic, couture modeling that earns you lots of money, and also allows for a creative outlet.

    2. you, and all men, don't know a thing about makeup. do not ever tell us to stop wearing it. I wear it every day of my life and I will continue to. there is a major difference between enhancing yourself, and wearing too much. so stop pretending you know what you are talking about.

    3. you are generalizing too much.

    • Hell even playboy. is considered classy. and theyre hardly even naked. hef does his work in a classy way.

    • Playboy may be done tastefully, but it is definitely different than high fashion modeling. I was actually going to be on the show MADE a few years ago to become a model, but I backed out for personal reasons. but I wanted to do artistic photo shoots that were based in creativity, not sexuality. girls who want to be lusted after have lower self esteem. girls who appreciate photography and fashion are not interested in being "sexy." but either way, not all girls wanna be models anyway. just some.

  • Well the girls that you describe are more like the "wannabe-models". All they end up doing is dodgy half naked "sexy" (read tacky) photoshots to get pervs commenting on how hot they are. I'd say it's all about getting attention from guys.

    If you're talking about tall thin girls with an interesting face, the real modelling world could be an amazing career. Real models are typically very natural girls with amazing style due to their job.

  • we wear the eye make-up because thoughs men who are into eyes it makes then pop out. and you know maybe when we wear the short shorts, cleavage tops, ect its not even for the men but just cause it makes ourself feel sexy and beautiful. you don't need to like but if we do were going for it simple.

    • Ok that's fine, you offer a good explanation that the one below you, she's just being an ****

    • I'm not being anything,I'm being honest,that's why your dumbass won't respond back

  • 1)Girls who wear make-up get more attention,looks and offers than girls who don't because not every girl looks good without make-up.

    2)Only young,inexperienced virgin males complain about things like this.

    3)This had nothing to do with modeling.And you have no idea what modeling is about.

    • Im a guy, I know what's guys think

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    • An were ladies who know what we like and don't care what men think.....because they hardly do anywho

    • "Im a guy, I know what's guys think"

      I'm a guy and you clearly don't know what I think, and I would bet a lot of money that what you wrote doesn't represent the thoughts of a majority of guys.

  • I guess they want to earn lots of money the easiest way possible.

  • We are complex creatures. We don't like icky guys but we like it when guys notice us. And honestly, they don't notice a lot unless things are out in the open for viewing.

  • so what did this have to do with modeling? there are different types of modeling, runway, commercial, glamour and pinup. I want to be a glamour/commercial model. I've wanted to model since I was little. I love fashion and all things beauty, love being in front of the camera and its just fun.

    what does that have to do with how they dress tho? because a lot of off duty models dress like regular girls

    idk why you're telling girls how to dress though. some have conservative style, some like to look hot. I don't think anyone is gonna change their style because of what you said but ok


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  • You write as though you're speaking for all decent guys, but the things you say are more representative of an insecure, controlling guy. A decent guy isn't so insecure that he can't stand to see a woman feeling sexy and confident.

  • if a girl wants to look and feel sexy...why not?..