What to do with this long curly hair?

Firstly , Hey. I'm new to think forum thing so I'm a bit nervous about being insulted etc.

Ok now you probably can't see on that picture there but I have really annoying long curly hair.and I hate it, I have another photo on my profile so take a look.

Even though other people like it , it makes me look young and I'm nearly 17 =/. Y'all being clever modern people I was wondering whether someone can tell me how to.well make me look older / maturer / generally better looking (yes how shallow of me).

Im not part of any "fads " or form of popular culture so Any suggestions would be nice, Il consider much shorter hair but I'm not sure if it would suit my facial structure or what have you.

I know I'm not the best looking guy and that's why id like to know how to improve my looks =(.

Thanks for all your help in advance and please reply!


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  • Firstly - I don't think your hair does anything to make you look younger. It suits your age.

    Your hair is to die for - and I can see why people would like it.

    However, if you're not comfortable with your hair, it probably doesn't do much for your confidence - or they way you present; which could be why you maybe look young for your age (but by the photos you don't).

    You look like you have a pretty strong jaw line which is the most important thing when going for shorter styles - so if you want to change your style you could.

    Try looking at guys with a slight curl to their hair to see what they've done with it - probably not one of the most masculine of pass times - but it could help.

    Jude Law may be a good place to start; he has a curl in his hair and doesn't keep it too short - but tamed and styled with a classic look. Or Adrian Grenier.

    But seriously - your hair looks great as it is.


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  • I think your hair is really hot and doesn't make you look younger. But, if you really want to change your style, I think you should try a nice clean cut look. You face structure is very strong so a nice short cut would enforce your jaw line as well as the rest of your face. If you don't want to go too short, you can try a medium length and go straight - try spiking it up? I am not so sure you'd like the idea of your hair spiked but its just a suggestion. Maybe check out the following link to help yourself find a good hair cut:


    If you prefer to not cut your hair, then maybe go with a little bit of a shaggy look with your natural hair by straightening it or applying gel. Anything you prefer to spice it up. Goodluck.

    • Fuck clean cut! we are men! women to except we don't want to be pretty! lol jk well kind of... hahaha

  • You're funny kid. From what I can see in the picture you are a good looking kid. And your hair is to die for. Do you realize how many people want to have your hair? It doesn't make you look younger either. Truly you should feel so lucky that you have that hair. I guess I don't know how girl in the UK like their guys, but in the US girls would be all over you for your hair.

  • Omg!I love your hair!It's adorable! Personally I don't think you should change it, you'd be suprized how many chicks adore your hair type! And You should be more confident in yourself! You're a good lookin' dude! If it makes you feel better, if I was a dude, I would totally be jealous ^_^ lol

    • Oh, by the way, if you're really set on taming your hair, try bed head (tigi) "Power Trip" hair gel... The stuff holds like a maniac and will let you loosen your curls(even though they're adorable) a bit. You'll be able to get a nice subtle wave goin' on...

  • you have beautiful hair!

    i LOVE!

    nothings wrong with it!

    it looks great on you!

    no worries. LOL! :-)

  • Maybe if you cut about two inches off.

    I do like it tho

  • omg you look so cute like that, don't do anything to it lol


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  • Well, there's a few things that you could try. I know that you're a bit intimidated by the thought of having short hair, but that is one of the ways to get rid of the curls. Another is by straightening your hair (with a hot iron). This usually works best with hair that's pretty long. Something else you could do would be to grow some facial hair. If you keep shaving it as much as possible, it will grow in thicker. Another thing you could do would be to lift weights, get rid of the baby fat, and gain some muscle tone. Personally, I think that growing facial hair would work wonders for you and make you look a bit older. If you were to cut your hair short, work out and grow facial hair all at the same time, you would take on a totally different look. Also, think Justin Timberlake. Try some "wife beater" shirts to go with your new look and some baggy pants to match. Those are just some thoughts! Good luck! :)