Guys will you date a girl chubby with a pretty face?

what if she looks kinda of chubby with clothes on but she looked good and it looked portioned.. but then with her clothes off she haves


love handles

stretch marks...u know not the hot body..

will it be a turn off?

are will it even matter?


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  • I wouldn't but some will. It will matter and especially if you have stretch marks and rolls. there are chubby chasers who like that but for most definitely a turn and ir there's rolles and stretch marks it will be a deal braker for a lot of guys

  • Will it matter? Probably not.

    Turn off? Well it's not a turn on. I don't know who would find it a turn on. That would be kind of strange.

    Would I date a chubby girl with a pretty face? Of course given as long as she's not a bitch.


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