How can an ugly girl become attractive?

I obviously can't get cosmetic surgery yet because I'm not 18 but I want to but what can I do naturally?


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  • -Improve what you can naturally,and improve what you want through cosmetic surgery.(if you want)

    -Workout 30-60 minutes a day;running,dancing,jogging,speed walking,cardio videos,swimming etc.Get your heart pumping.You'll feel good after working out.

    -Use make-up to enhance your features and cover imperfections.Youtube has many good make-up guru's such as MichellePhan.

    -Wear clothing that accentuates your figure.

    -If you have acne,go to a dermatologist.

    -Exfoliate your skin 1-2x a week.St.Ives has great scrubs.

    -Use a facial masque once a week.Queen Helene has great facial masques that are affordable,like $4.Freeman's are OK too.

    -Facial hair;get rid of it.Getting your eyebrows threaded is cheap and looks very natural.You can get upper lip hair,side burns and chin hair threaded also.

    -Whiten your teeth if they aren't white or get braces if they aren't straight.

    -Straighten your hair if it's curly.(CHI,Sedu,Solia,Ghd are best).

    -Deep condition your hair once a week.Alternate between a protein/cholesterol conditioner and a moisturizing.

    -Use a hot oil treatment once a month.

    -Get a pedicure or manicure.

    -Wear contacts instead of glasses.

    The advice I listed above will make you feel beautiful,if you feel good about yourself you'll more than likely look good.


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  • I think it starts with confindence. You can tell a girl with confidence even if she is not the prettiest girl in the room. (But confidence like you know you a pretty and cool girl and not a stuck up attitude). You can dress better if you not liking the way you dress. Make sure you hair looks good. And also just try to feel better about yourself, that will help how you look at yourself. And working out can help you feel better about how you see yourself as well.


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  • First of all, don't be too hard on yourself: it's almost never as bad as you think it is. Second of all, just take care of yourself. Keep clean, shower every day, wash your face twice a day, keep good care of your teeth, try to stay healthy by exercising (a 30 min walk if fine) and eating well, and dress in a way that suits your personality. Don't stress the cosmetics: I've heard numerous times that lots of guys don't like makeup on girls. Most of all, just be you :)

  • The most important feature is your skin, if you have horrible skiin, you're going to be ugly no matter what. So that's the first thing you should focus on

  • you can gt certain cosmetic surgery, I'm 16, I had a nosejob at 15

    • Really?I was just asking my mom about getting a nose job yesterday.Was it for cosmetic reasons for medical reasons?

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    • Oh,sorry for like bugging you.

      But how long did recovery take?

    • Its fine. I was in bed for a week, but about 2 weeks going back to visit the dr. then its about 6-10 weeks of no vigorous activites. just don't play dodge ball or something you can get hit in the face haha

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