Tattoo question! (any suggestions?)

Hello! n_n

My question is for all of you people on here who appreciate the beauty that is body art. I hope there are some creative people on here. I just thought this might be fun to ask. . .

Okay, so I have one tattoo that I got almost 2 years ago.

It is a black and grey rose on the back of my left shoulder. I have been meaning to add onto it and I got it done with the intention of adding onto it.

I recently found a wad of cash in one of my old socks and thought it might be nice to treat myself to a little self indulgence.

MY PROBLEM is that I don't know WHAT to add onto it.

I wanted to add on a couple of smaller completely black roses around it. But that may look a little off. . . I don't want color. Only black and grey.

I look forward to reading some suggestions.

As always, thanks in advance!


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  • Don't get anything done if you don't know what to add to it. Have a look in various tattoo magazines and chat to your artist and ask if you can see his/her portfolio for any ideas and inspiration. Much better to go in and ask for some inspiration than wander in and not know what you want and just get it done.

    • I should have been more clear. . . I got it done with ideas of adding onto it.

      I knew what I was going to add onto it, but I have forgotten most of those ideas over the years.

      I'm just lookin' for ideas and inspiration. :)

    • Have a look in places you wouldn't expect to find inspiration. Look at wallpaper patterns, carpet patterns, paintings, embroidery patterns. I got inspiration for my back piece from a painting my mum has hanging in her hallway!

    • Haha, that's awesome. :D

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  • something symmetrical on the girls shoulders and arms.

    lotsa girls think its cuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttte to have tattoos on their legs, stomach and hips, and stuff like that.

    I don't think that's attractive do something in a better place where it'll look equal on your body. then that's attractive.

  • Well if the rose is black and grey why not add a white and grey rose exactly opposite of it?

    Or instead of a few small black roses use ether grey for them all or add a couple white roses to even out the colour scheme.

  • A flower... how cliche.

    Add a swastika or a pentagram to it.

    • Lol.

      A swatstika or a pentagram. . . How cliche.

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    • I only commented on how cliche the pentagram is because in my experience, I have known 3 people with pentagram tattoos: My uncle and my friends Adam and Zigs. Also, my best friend is considering getting one. I didn't mean to offend. It may be just the people I associate myself with, but I think that is quite a few people. In my opinion, that made it cliche. And thank God I am NOT a skinhead- (The racist type.) I've had skinhead friends before, who wore swatstikas. Though I don't know why. . .

    • They were punks, so maybe they did it to be funny or for some "political" reason. It's amazing. I still don't see how they didn't get beaten up. They were white. So, I don't know. . . Whatever.

  • Well you could try different lay outs with the tattoo you have and find what looks the best...or what means the most to you..

    • Yeah.

      The rose does mean a lot to me, it holds it's own personal meaning for me.

  • I think some Poison Ivy would look cool. Good luck, it looks pretty awesome =) I'm thinking on getting my first tattoo this year.


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