How to keep girlfriend attracted during our senior year if we are both so busy?

Girlfriend of 3 months and I are going in to our senior year of high school, we will both be very busy with school and sports and such. What are some keys on how will I be able to keep her interested ?


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  • Advice from the UK:

    Absense makes the heart grow fonder. If your relationship is worth anything, then she'll miss you when she barely gets you to herself. What YOU have to do is when you do get some time together, make the most of it, go out for a meal, movies, rent a dvd, have some quality couple time.

    Then go out and get sh*tfaced. That's the English way! ;)

  • I do it like this;

    At school I don't care about my appearance cause I'm real busy and taken, but I do dress good and do something with my hair, doesn't take a lot of effort ;).

    then when we have time together, I look real good. Don't try to look good for her to love tho, she should love you for your personality, making her laugh will work :).

    gl, we'll both need it