Describe a guy that is fun to go out with?

Like, what does he talk about? What does he do? How does he act? And so on.

Describe a guy a guy that would make you say, "he was so fun to be around last night!" and that you can't wait to go out with again.

I have never been out with a guy like this but I have heard people talk about other guys like that.

With "go out" I mean go out partying.


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  • i really like guys who can joke around. the guy I'm dating is really silly but you can tell he's really mature, someone who knows when to be funny and joke around but also knows when enough is enough. I love when guys are actually interested in what I have to say and notice changes (hair, makeup style, etc) and acknowledge a good attitude towards life in general gives off great vibes :)

    • This is my kind of guy too- someone that has a good sense of humor but knows where to draw the line,

  • someone who smiles a lot, makes jokes, laughs with you and takes an interest in you(:


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