An active date? What do I wear?!?

I'm going to be hanging out with my girlfriend, and one of my other guy friends and my crush.

we're most likely going to be playing volleyball, (maybe some other sports but those aren't final yet.)

my crush is a volleyball PRO, and I'm no pro but I'm pretty good, I want to be comfortable enough so I can move quickly to get the ball ( and impress him and not embarrass myself)

this is the first time I'm meeting my crush in person, so I want to make a good impression and look good.

what clothes should I wear?

how about makeup, shoes and hair?

my hair's naturally curly, but its hard to keep it from frizzing so is straightening it the way to go?

okay so the weather forecast says its supposed to rain for the next 2 weeks so I have no choice but to hang out with them on a rainy day -any one have any ideas on what we could do indoors that would still be fun ?



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  • Personally, I think what you would normally wear to something like this, possibly spruced up a little bit, would be fine. He knows you're playing volleyball, so a skirt is not really proper attire is it? Besides, he'd probably like the look of you in a tight t-shirt, or a sports bra. You want to move well, and you can do that in sporty clothes; I think he'd be more impressed if you just wore something close-fitting and played well than if you looked good on the court. I know I would.

    Makeup I will leave to the ladies, but I will say that most guys (I say MOST, not ALL) prefer a less-is-more approach, plus you're probably going to be sweating, so yeah.

    • Haha I get what you mean

      thank you so much!

    • Twister :P

      Video games, with something you can all play, maybe? Like Wii Bowling, or Halo 3

      I don't know how much you like to talk, but some people can just sit and chat/gossip for hours,

      If you're kind of alone, Truth or Dare is always interesting...

    • Okay thanks for the great ideas :)

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  • Heres what I wod wear:

    light make up, like don't cake it on

    hair: mines the same way so I would just straighten it

    I would wear those sweat short shorts, a tank top and a jacket if it gets cold.

    Shoes, just gym shoes.

    Ur gonna b playing volleyball right? You want to look good and b comfy ryt?

  • small shorts and a crop t-shirt...with no bra underneath :-p