What body language do girls give when they are interested in a guy while they are talking to each other?

I'm talking about when you first meet a guy what sort of things do you do? do you rearrange they way you are sitting? do you play with your hair? Fix clothes? etc.


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  • Lots of eye contact. I'm kind of intense though, so something close to suffocatingly smoldering. I have a 'thing' when it comes to personal space. I don't let anyone invade my personal space unless they're a friend, a family member, or someone that I'm interested in. So if a girl is allowing you into their personal space for long periods of a time, I'd say that was a pretty big indication. An even bigger one, is if she purposely gets into YOUR personal space. This includes touching. If a girl is touching you while she's laughing or speaking to you. It's almost like a dead give away. I don't touch anyone without thinking about it first.

    Nervous gestures, like fiddling with objects or clothes. Blushing, stuttering, etc. I would be careful with some of these though. Sometimes people just have habits. It might be second nature for someone to just adjust their clothes. Heck maybe they're even obsessive compulsive.

    Unnecessary bouts of giggling. Even if the joke was really lame. That person is just reallly happy to be around you. I hear your blink rate increases. And your pupils can dilate if you see something that attracts you. They can mimic your movements, speak to you in a softer tone, and frequently use your name in conversation.

    Personally, I have a thing where I accidentally draw attention to what I believe are my best features. For example, flicking or playing with your hair. Or framing your face so that you're drawing attention to your pretty blue eyes. Junk like that.

    Truthfully. If someone is really making a move on you, you'll probably know deep down. It'll be a feeling, an instinct. If you have to ask, then obviously they've done something to make you believe that they were flirting with you. If they stare blankly in a random direction with their feet pointed towards the door, and are barely offering anything to the conversation. You know that they're not interested.


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  • when I firset met a guy I will look at them is kinda obvious when your checking someone out and then I will talk to then nd keep asking about them and laughing and smiling and things its pretty obvious when a girl is interested just look at the signs

    • Yea.. that kinda the point of the question,, I don't know the signs, I know laughing is a sign but a lot of girls are just bubbly

  • i get super nervous so I will fiddle with something, not stand still and smile A LOT!


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  • Try staring into her eyes when you two talk, if she looks away it is a good indication that she likes you