Looking for a meaningful relationship?

OK, so I've never had a real girlfriend, I'm not studying (yet) and I'm between jobs. I go clubbing every week usually 2-3 times but I've found I'm not going to be able to find a meaningful relationship in a club am I? Plus online dating hasn't worked for me. I have hardly any friends, mostly guys, and never get invited to parties.

So considering these circumstances how can I get into a meaningful relationship and stop letting myself go to waste?


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  • Well for starters, I hope you realize that relationships aren't everything. Focusing on your life and values is what's important right now. But aye a word of advice: Girls are everywhere. You just got to set the line, hook and sinker. Your environment needs to change though. Instead of being out in the ocean full of fish, your in hibernation. You sound like a pretty busy guy -- think you can handle a relationship right now? Just asking, because they're pretty time consuming.

    Alright so past the boring and into the business -- go.out. You need to get out the house, chill with your bros, and expand your social horizon. Hope you have healthy charisma, because you'll need to start conversations to befriend women you'll meet along the way. Get noticed. Don't work too hard to find the treasure of a relationship though -- you'll just over look it. Let it come to you. I know you can make female friends, and once you do, show off those peacock feathers like crazy!

    • I get out, I'm not introverted and I talk with women in clubs and what not I'm just looking for meaning and something more than a one night stand and what not and I'm not sure how to find such things

    • 1. Decide what you want in a relationship. Deciding what you want in a relationship is the first step towards getting it. If you aren?t sure what you want from a relationship, then sometimes it?s hard to tell when you?ve found it.

      2. Be confident. Confidence is a very attractive trait in both sexes.

      3.Set aside time to meet people. If you want to get a relationship, then you have to actively go out there and seek one.

      4. DONT GIVE UP.

      The rest is really up to you. Good luck.

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  • See if the ideas in this thread inspire you >>> link

  • I feel you man, for girls, dating is a choice, for us guys, dating is a chore