What does he really want?

OK he looks at me constantly but turns when I look...he texts whenever he wants ...but seems desperate when I don't respond? he's so cute but I don't know what to think...help

he constantly asks for a massage or says I'm a tease...he stands close at work and then talks dirty but not directly


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  • I have been that exact guy to the women I am becoming close with. I am rather timid around her, and shy. I try to combat this with confidence, yet I revert back to my ways of when I was in HS. I become tongue tied, and speak in circles. If I could get the answer of what she is looking for with me, I could move forward and be a little better with my actions, and how we interact. Haaps is right, he wants you. Help the guy out a little and let him know what you think. It will bring things to the forefront, and he will be able to open up a little more then flirting.


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  • He wants you...?


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