Guys: if a girl asks you how much you like her, and you answered I don't know

what does that mean? like you're not sure if you really like her? or you don't really like her?

the situation is this guy and me had hooked up for so many times and I just kinda stopped talking to him because he bores me out with all his sex talk. like that's the only topic he talks about with me and I'm a piece of meat to him. I used to like him a lot but I don't know anymore. I should drop him right? thanks :)


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  • honestly yes you should because me being under 18 can see where that's coming from and it's obivious he wants to play Twister Bed style Drop him and forget him you dnt need someone like that

    • Thanks. :0) he is a walking drama. he and his friend are immature little brats.

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