My biggest fear is that I will never amount to anything aside from my looks.

I will never amount to anything aside from my looks. I'm a very beautiful girl, and I find whenever I talk to guys they always complement me. They'll say for example "that's cool, you're really pretty". And I'm sure to most girls they find this nice, but to me I find it bad. Like you're only talking to me because of my looks? My thoughts aren't as important as the way I look? It scares me to think that I may never find real guys to be friends with because of the way I look.


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    You are part of the exchange as well. do you notice you like some guys more than other, stop worrying about why they like you. just gravitate towards guys you like & if your looks opens y up to them sooner its not a bad thing you are lucky. But your personality has to keep them there.

    So just go do whatever you like to do strengthen your passions and capacities and you'll meet a guy who you relate to- who relates to you :)

    Lots of guys find me attractive but I never worried that that was the only reason they talk to me -because I like myself . I find myself amusing generally lol. True. One time I was in love with a guy and I also wanted to be friends . I had this very ominous sense that if he was not attracted to me , we would not even be talking & him telling me he was attracted to me was actually insulting to me and I felt offended^^ BUT he had issues and I don't think he really knew how to be friends with women who liked him, if he liked them -or women who did not like him, if he did not like them-- Ego needs stroking, but emotions can't be disturbed.

    So anyways, if you meet people with depth , confidence , good morals & passions- they are not going to just be with you for looks. You'll be back on here complaining this guy said he thought I was beautiful but I bore him ^^ joke*

    Anyways meet guys who are cool instead of shallow & you'll be fine- good luck :)

    Plus you'll see lots of posts hear from guys saying " Looks attract but personality keeps them around & seals the deal."


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  • In the modern US, there are so many women who rely only on their looks, and our culture encourages that attitude.

    GOOD FOR YOU..the fact you worry about that is the first and hardest step.

    You will need to WORK at being a good person. Unlike looks, being a good person can only result from dedication and effort.

    The first step is finding someone to learn from. Probably more than one person. You probably know who the good people are, or you wouldn't be asking this question. Go to them and ask them to teach you. Maybe not outright, in those words...but they will understand.

    Your question is very..heartening!


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  • it could be worse. I'm ugly. well I'm not hideous but I'm not the kind of girl guys are attracted to at first glance. so not to trivialize your problem, but my thing is whenever a guy talks to me or compliments me I think he is only being fake or talking to me because he has no other options. and as soon as a prettier girl comes along he will ditch me and toss me aside. I WISH people liked me for my looks. it's no fun being the personality girl because all you're ever looked at is as a friend. a guy might like you if he has no other options but all men love pretty girls. beauty is so prized and valued in our culture.

    just because you're pretty and people respond to that doesn't mean you won't amount to anything BULLSHIT! if anything you have MORE opportunities. "beauty opens doors that ugly people don't get to walk through", you could use your looks to disarm people and segway into other situations. you have power. you sound like you are intelligent, so yes there will be guys who are attracted to you because of your looks, you just use your judgment and don't give them what they want until you KNOW how he really feels about you. all guys act nice in the beginning but if his actions match up with his words then you will know if he's there for your looks or not