What do you want from your girlfriend?

How would you expect her to be? What are the most important qualities?


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  • when I'm looking for a girl, I'm looking for someone who is comfortable with herself, happy with who she is, also she should be trustworthy, also if she's sweet, confidant, caring as well as easy-going that's a definite plus, also I like a girl who isn't afraid to mention that she thinks a random guy she sees is cute, now of course if its all she talks about that's annoying but someone who is thoroughly herself and easy going, talkative helps too

  • Spunky personal??ity,?? Spontane??ous,?? kind hearted and caring, Silly but serious, Great sense of humor, Adventur??ous,?? Beautifu??l?? eye's (prefer blue eye's<3), Beautiful smile is the way to go, That kind of girl that you know you're lucky to have in your life, She should be tall but it won't kill me if she isn't, Great taste in music, Talkative.

    I don't expect anything from my girl at all. I just wanna make her happy is all.


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