Why does he look at me all the time but not speak to me?

i see this guy on the train to work a lot and recently noticed him looking at me and then turning away, and looking like he was going to say something then he just doesn't. He sometimes sits by me at the station and on the train but doesn't say anything. So today I pluck up the courage to sit next to him and strike a conversation with him. He talks back and seems pretty friendly and interested, so we swapped names and I added him on facebook, he confirmed my add straight away so I just sent him a message to say Hi and he replied straight away, but didn't carry on any kind of conversation. I just left it at that as it felt as if he wasn't interested. I don't understand his signals! he seems nervous when he's around me but just doesn't initiate any kind of conversation! I thought that if I broke the ice then he'd talk to me more but since he pretty much ignored me on facebook, now I'm so confused!


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  • It seems that he's just a shy person.


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