What is it a guy looks for in a guy?

OK I'm 17 be 18 in 4 months and iv never been on a date not once,I don;t go to a high school due to medical issues but I'm not ugly,i have strawberry blond hair to about my neck or ears,depends on how I style it.ears are pierced and I wear glasses,not big ones either.im average for my age also.i just wanted to know is that what a guy looks for in a guy or what?.I'm just wondering why I'm 17 and never been on a date


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  • at a younger age guys are just focused on physical appearance. has they get older, that become less and less important as the inner of a girl/woman becomes the deciding factor. as for why you have not been on a date is the fact you have not been at school. what you need is to be more social. the best place to find someone is college/university.

    If you live in europe then go to the bars (drinking age being young 16)

    if you live in canada go clubbing also.

    If you live in the usa try going to your school, or be part of an active group or club.


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