Did this fellow diner like the look of me?

Tonight I was in a restaurant with 2 friends, when we were seated I noticed a family eating at the table across from us (wife, husband & 2 kids.) The restaurant wasn't busy at all when we entered.

After I ordered, I noticed the mother glanced across at me ratherly shiftily then when I looked up she quickly looked away. As she was getting up to go to the toilet, she again gave me a brief glance (2-3 seconds) and again did this after she returned and sat down.

She never smiled in that time but did a fair bit of glancing.

Can I ask, was she maybe attracted to me (male aged mid 20s & 6ft tall)?


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  • Maybe, but there's nothing about her behavior that would make that a sure thing.


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  • Don't take this the wrong way but I'm basing my answer on the fact that she looked at you often but wasn't friendly about it

    Maybe she thought you were a perv and was keeping an eye on you for the sake of her kids


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