What do guys look for in an emo/scene girl?

just curious...:D


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  • I'll tell you what they DON'T look for, I have stretched lobes, not too big, 0g (or 8mm) and the past 2 guys I've liked (including the current) does not like them one bit! So if you are just wanting to impress guys, don't do that! I just say that cause stretched lobes are a stereotypical "scene" thing.

    Oh and don't cut yourself. They hate that too. I mean why would they wanna hold a girls hand and feel blood? I say that because its a stereotypical "emo" thing.

    Okay in all seriousness, the outer appearance is just one aspect. Most (good) guys are gonna look for the same thing in a girl whether she is scene, emo, sporty, preppy, anything really. So unless you mean what do they look for outer wise, personality wise its all the same.


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  • The same as any other girl. If I get on good with her, if I like the way she acts, if I like the way she looks, things like that. I've been attracted white girls, black girls, hispanic girls, asian girls, emo girls, preppy girls, sporty girls, you name it. Girls are girls, regardless of styles.


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